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They Are Us

Posted: March 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Out of a need for the security offered by certainty, every civilization, every major group has needed to believe that they were right and they knew basically all there is to know. The truth likely is that what we now know about our world and the Universe, both in matters of science and the spirit as well, is tiny compared to what can be known. It is only questioning and consciousness that creates our ‘path’. All else will fail us.

image by Alejandro Jodorowsky

Quantum physicists now tell us there are eleven dimensions of existence. Varying religious practices and metaphysics have inferred that there are even more. What realities exist in these dimensions and how do they intersect or overlap with our own? It might be reasonable to assume that this is where we as energetic beings go after death or even in between physical lives. Through my investigations of anecdotal evidence and of those documented experiences by many in the realms we call religious, supernatural and paranormal…I have come to believe that within these dimensions exist ‘beings’ or consciousness who are not ‘from’ this world. Entities that have been described as demons or angels, shadow figures and even extraterrestrials. But ghosts are not these. They are us. Humans who have not made the complete journey. They are ‘in between’ here…and there. Possibly trapped by some phenomenon we as yet do not understand. Or more likely they have made the conscious decision to remain. And why? Well, it may be for all the same reasons that we as people make various decisions to stay or go, to remain in a dysfunctional marriage or a bad job. It could be because of an unresolved conflict or possessive attachment or jealousy or love. Have you ever returned to a high school reunion 10, 20 years or more and found that there are some classmates who simply never ‘move on’? As though growth and maturation seemed to pass them by? Could it be that there are some of us as spiritual beings who do the same?

There are paranormal researchers who postulate that one explanation of ghosts may be as energetic impressions that are left on our physical environment, like a finger print or maybe more like a recorded tape loop that plays over and over again. This could be but it seems to me to be less likely. Electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) and recounted stories seem to indicate that consciousness is involved. At some level, ghosts know who they are and some aspect of ego is still functioning. Consciousness is a tricky thing. It is a powerful thing…maybe the most powerful thing in the universe. You can use it to free yourself from the reality you have created here in your life. Or…you can use it to create a reality here even after physical life has ceased.