Posted: March 23, 2015 in Uncategorized

The local paper says Ybor City is set to BOOM! New hotels, new apartments, all sorts of things going on. But change cuts both ways and we are saddened to inform you that The Don Vicente Ybor Inn has been sold.

You know the building – the magnificent restored INN on 9th Ave, just across the street from Mr. Ybor’s Cigar Factory. And if you know it, you also know it is one of the most haunted sites in Ybor City. For over four years The OFFICIAL Ybor Ghost Tour has been introducing seekers to the hidden secrets of the building – the morgue downstairs, which a prominent psychic said was “overflowing with spirits” and the story of Dr. Avellanal, whose frightful experiments changed the course of Ybor City Paranormal life. These and many other stories make the Don Vicente Ybor Inn  a special place for ghost hunters.

But after May 31, the building will no longer be accessible. The new owners currently have plans to convert the basement morgu to office space. Imagine the unsuspecting accountant who sets up shop there.

So this is a call to action. If you have visited the Inn on one of our tours and have been meaning to go again, do not hesitate. If you never have visited but want to – do not delay! Our calendar already shows many evenings between now and May 31 when access to the Inn is not available. Seekers of the paranormal are not the only ones trying to squeeze in last minute visits!

Go to our calendar at http://www.yborghosttour.com and book your visit to the Inn, while there is still time. Once it is gone, regrettably, it will be gone forever.

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