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Something Told Me

Posted: August 31, 2015 in General, Ghost Tour

Acting as a tour guide on a ghost tour can be and has been enlightening, even for a seasoned guide who is well acquainted with the paranormal. We as guides already know the history…the ghost stories. It’s what our guests bring to the moment that gets our attention. Sometimes it’s their own stories, which they are often eager to share once they become comfortable. But sometimes it’s something that happens ON the tour that becomes the highlight…something that happens FOR THEM. This ‘moment’ can be exciting, even exhilarating. Sometimes this experience is even shared later. But however it may come to us…it is something that makes much of what we do worthwhile. Consider this photo and the exciting narrative shared here by Bill Barr:

“Hey I took the tour twice the last one leaving the theatre at the Cuban Club at the end of the tour. I went back and opened the theatre door quickly and snapped about 8 or 9 pics real fast…looked at the pics after getting home and what I caught was absolutely incredible. About 5 rows in I caught a picture of what appears to be a lady in a white dress, holding something cradled in her arms?…a baby?..carrying something?…I can’t tell..and dozens of orbs…and one with a defined face of a man with either a dark beard or no bottom half of his face visible but you can literally see both eyes looking a different direction and can even see the pupils of his eyes…freaky stuff. I have pics and told the host…Greg? After our second tour..didn’t have any luck my second time around except my camera kept taking pics on its own in the basement. Oh I forgot…in the theatre on my first visit when I caught the lady in dress…I left the crowd and went into dark corner by myself with my emf thing (ghost meter) and heard a soft voice (female)? whisper something but didn’t understand what it (she) said and even felt the wind almost on my neck and ear…startled me. First initial thought was someone came up next to me and said something…I looked and no one was anywhere near I got scared and “ran” back to where the rest of the people were…lol but kind of road it off as mind playing tricks… And as I was leaving and decided to turn back open the theatre door and snap pics. It was like something told me to?…strange.”

Bill’s excitement is palatable, almost visceral in his words. He had an experience and he captured it in photo. He has captured something. Do you see…

...what he sees?

…what he sees?

Halloween’s origins likely go back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints and martyrs; the holiday, All Saints’ Day, incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween. The holiday has evolved into a secular event with community participation involving children ‘trick or treating’ in costume as well as costume parties for adults…as well as having some implications for various religions including Paganism and various practices such as witchcraft. It’s affect and implication in the world of the paranormal may not yet be fully understood, but it does appear to have an impact on activity. It may be through transference and projection in which the living, in anticipation of ‘contact’ can themselves generate energy that harkens to those entities who populate the ‘in between dimension’.
Ghost tours around the world experience greater numbers during the month of October. Just as the desire for peace, charity and brotherhood exists as an energy more during the Christmas month of December…it might be said that people begin to think more of ghouls, witches, monsters, zombies and, yes…ghosts…in October. In short, ghost tours are usually more attended in the month when ‘things go bump in the night’. But it also means the expectations are higher among guests. And it could be that this changes the very level of activity. It is believed by many paranormal investigators that this might be a time more ‘fruitful’ for contact.
On this particular Halloween we toured nearly ninety people which included a special midnight investigation of the infamous Ybor City Cuban Club…a building renowned for it’s level of paranormal activity, listed by the Travel Channel as one of the top ten most haunted sites in America, investigated by the Syfy Channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ in a 2009 episode entitled ‘Club Dead’…and, a building that has in it’s documented history a cast of deceased characters which support some the most interesting and colorful ghost stories ever recorded. One such story concerns a former board of directors member who was shot to death in a fight which broke out during a board meeting. Disgruntled and angry, he is known for, on occasion, scratching unwanted visitors in the building.
He has scratched or left marks on guests before. On Halloween, two guests separated by several hours, were scratched. Let us consider this: one guest received what one might describe as ‘whelps’, three of them…on her back. She stated that she felt a burning sensation along her spine and a heavy nausea just before the whelps appeared. These marks were on her back, a place she could not reach with her hands. They ran long and parallel along her spine and could not be made by ‘rubbing up against’ something. Plus, no one was near. One must deduce from this that unless she can generate her own ‘stigmata’, she was marked by an entity.
What are we to make of this? You may conclude for yourself, but…
it seems that on All Hallow’s Eve, there is a shift in energy, where anything might happen.

imageWhy might a ghost appear to the naked eye or to be captured on digital or film media? Is it a change in the environment? A momentary hole in the quantum field? A slipping in the phase between dimensions? Some believe that when a ghost is seen by the naked eye, it is because of something different in the energy of the viewer…a shift in their energy being. Often children see apparitions. And young pre-pubescent girls seem to have the front row seat, often sensing and seeing phenomenon no one else does, indicating it could even be something in our biology. I am sure there is some element of truth in all of these suppositions. But still, this would not explain the appearance in photos and videos.
These guesses are all centered on ‘outward’ explanations, based on factors having nothing to do with the entity itself. This seems to miss a major point. Could it be that they ‘want’ to be seen or recorded? One explanation of ghosts is that they are energetic impressions left in physical matter that ‘replays’ itself over and over, like a video tape looped. So therefore objects and buildings are haunted because of ‘something left behind’. And maybe this is true in some cases. But to except this in a blanket way discounts those times when ghosts ‘communicate’ through EVP’s or show some conscious decision making process. Definitely, in the countless ghost stories that have been recorded over time there is often conscious reactive movement.
I believe that consciousness is at work. It seems that there is some aspect of ego still present. Very often ghost’s show up much younger than their actual age at death. It is relatively common for a ghost who died at sixty or seventy years of age to manifest as a thirty year old. There are many ghost stories of a family member who does not recognize their deceased grandma or grandpa because they did not know them as a younger person.

Coincidently, psychological studies indicate that many people who age past forty or fifty, continue to think of themselves as a thirty year old. It is a time when one is no longer viewed as ‘young’ but also not as ‘old’. Many (who as they age) are aware of changes in eye sight or joints or have facial wrinkles, but do not really feel that different than they did at thirty years of age. And…how are you ‘supposed’ to feel as a sixty year old? Could it be that ‘how you see yourself’, is how you show up…as a ghost? This would underscore the idea that ghosts are energistic beings sewn together by consciousness.

And if this is so, then the next question of inquiry that should intrigue each of us, the ‘living’, is…how do these conscious beings see us? What does their view into our dimension look like to them? Particularly since time and space does not exist for them as it does for us. Are they looking through a veil at a world they once understood but now has changed? And…do they know what they have become? It is a deeper question worth pondering.

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